The Top 5 Tie-wearing Women in Film or Television

The necktie is not just for men. Sure, it's classically associated with men's fashion, but women over the past century have found many ways to rock the tie. In fact, there are tons of examples of women wearing ties in film and television, and every one of them still looks just as feminine and classy as ever.

It's difficult to narrow down the list of beautiful women wearing a necktie in film or television to just a few, but here's a short list over the past five decades of some that truly stand out. Take a look at these tie-wearing gals and see for yourself how many different ways there are to work a necktie into your wardrobe.

“The Lucy Show” (1950s and 1960s)


Lucille Ball will always be remembered for many reasons. She was a comedic icon, was the first woman town her own studio and has a long list of impressive credits and awards. On her earlier shows in the 1950s and 1960s she even wore a necktie, proving that fashion for women came in all shapes and sizes. As was the style of the time, she often wore the slim necktie, which creates a great line with nearly any outfit.



"Annie Hall” (1970s)

You can't talk about women wearing a necktie without mentioning “Annie Hall” and Diane Keaton. No woman in the history of film has given the necktie more exposure than Keaton. Her bold fashion choices were the talk of critics and fashion journalists all over the world, and she set many trends that took the country by storm when the film was released in 1977. Perhaps the most interesting fact of all about Keaton's trend-setting – many of Annie's unique outfits came from Keaton's own closet.

“Splash” (1980s)

In the mid 1980s Daryl Hannah was one of the hottest women in film. A fact that is due, in large part, to her hilarious performance as a mermaid out of water in “Splash.” Maybe it's because she had been a mermaid all her life, or maybe she just never let gender roles dictate her fashion choices, but Hannah looked amazing in a tie several times during the beloved film. Even with the traditional necktie, Hannah was still just as beautiful as ever, proving that the tie is an accessory that works for everyone.


“Friends” (1990s)

Jennifer Aniston’s character Rachel worked in fashion for several of the 10 seasons of the popular show, even landing an amazing job at Ralph Lauren. In keeping with her eye for fashion, Rachel often wore a tie, and sometimes even without a suit or jacket. Check out season nine, episode 11 titled “The One Where Rachel Goes Back to Work.” In it, she looks stunning in a striped peasant blouse with a black tie that's innocently tucked into the shirt.

“How I Met Your Mother” (2000s – 2010s)

The long-running sitcom was no stranger to the suit and tie, most famously with Neil Patrick Harris' fond addiction to the specific style. However, even the gals of “How I Met Your Mother” got in on the action, looking incredibly well dressed and totally stylish in ties several times over the nine seasons. Perhaps the best example of this was the huge 100th episode special in which the entire cast donned suits and ties for a musical number titled “Nothing Suits Me Like a Suit.”